The new TFT Working Fire nozzles deliver revolutionary performance when you need maximum flows for a “working fire.” The exclusive pressure relief feature limits reaction force when you over pump to get more GPM, or experience an unintended flow increase during a gated wye operation.

At low flows, just like every other fixed GPM nozzle, it is clear from the stream quality that optimum flow has not yet been reached. When you achieve the 150gpm or 160 gpm rate, the nozzle flows as expected. However when you need a lot more GPM for the firefight, the Working Fire excels vs. standard fixed flow nozzles. By integrating TFT’s exclusive pressure relief, when you overpump The Working Fire to deliver more GPM or experience an unintentional GPM increase during a gated wye op, The Working Fire maximizes flow while LIMITING reaction force. Compare this to a standard fixed flow, which dramatically builds pressure as flow increases resulting in a dramatic increase in reaction force!