What is Lease Purchase Financing

Lease Purchase Financing is different from what you might consider “traditional leasing”.  It allows you to build equity with every payment you make and at the end of the term, you own the equipment free and clear without any balloon payments.

What Purchases are Covered?

Lease Purchase Financing typically is used on apparatus purchases but can also be used for equipment purchases (typically $5k and up)

Benefits of Lease Purchasing

  • Allows your department to take advantage of low TAX-EXEMPT rates.
  • Eliminates the need for large up-front cash expenditures.
  • Allows for accurate budget planning and greater budget flexibility.
  • Ability to build equity towards ownership with every payment.
  • Frees up additional capital for other pressing needs.
  • Purchase your much needed equipment at TODAY’S prices, and avoid future price increases.
  • Eliminate the financial and operational challenge of keeping worn-out or obsolete equipment.
  • Maximize limited budget funds by spreading out payments.

We Can Help

Let us configure a plan tailored around your exact needs. We can recommend a plan based on the parameters of your purchase while considering your budget and current available funds.